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Why should I replace my current opener?

There's no need to replace the current electric operators if they're relatively new and hardly have any problems. It will be necessary if the opener dates before 1993 when the UL 325 regulations became a must and it does not offer sufficient safety. It can also be replaced if it doesn't offer you enough convenience.

What do I do when the remote doesn't open the door?

If the garage door moves with the wall button, there's something wrong with the remote. Try again after replacing the batteries. Approach closer to the opener unit and make sure the antenna is hanging down. If nothing fixes the problem, reprogram the clicker or call Garage Door Repair Sausalito for assistance.

How long does it take to install a new door?

It takes a few hours to get the installation of garage doors done. Just make sure that all parts are carefully inspected. Test the doors to make sure that there will be no problem. Install the openers as well to make sure that the doors and openers work well together.

Can I use my cell phone to operate my garage door?

Yes. Many manufacturers have equipped their openers to operate via cellular phones. The most commonly used cellular phone for operating the garage doors is the iPhone. Our experts will help you program your phone to properly operate your garage doors.

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